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Your Defense

When Harris, Harris & Cabrera agrees to take on your case, their attorneys will commit to creating the strongest defense strategy possible. They will carefully evaluate the facts and evidence surrounding your arrest. If necessary Harris, Harris & Cabrera will utilize Private Investigators, as well as Expert Witnesses that can aid in establishing your innocence. Any errors by the police will be recognized and used to weaken the case against you. This attention to detail and methodical approach will put you in the best position possible to achieve a dismissal or reduction of the charges.

Sometimes, a plea bargain can make the most sense for an individual that has been accused of a crime.  Harris, Harris & Cabrera has the experience and knowledge to properly advise their clients as to when their case should be negotiated, as opposed to going to trial.  Whether negotiating a plea or arguing in front of a judge or jury at trial, Harris, Harris & Cabrera will utilize their experience and extensive legal knowledge to achieve the best results possible for you.


Understand How The System Works

Harris, Harris & Cabrera has the experience and skill to represent you before judges and magistrates throughout the Illinois & Federal criminal justice system.